It’s been a while since I have posted anything, but I’ve been extremely busy. Sad to say that I have not quite there for some, but so proud to say that Im done taking photos for my second book, together with Sune Rasborg. Bornholm – folk, fæ og flere foodies or in english Bornholm – Baltic beasts, Bohos and Beauty. Yes this time its also in english.. December the 1st 8 pallets of books arrive at the studio and ready for x-mas sale. Since the last book took 3rd price as the worlds best photography cookbook, we got sponsored by Phase One to make the 2nd book. Its been a pleasure taking pictures with such a beauty of a camera. The image quality is amazing, just hope you like the photographer. Its all self published, and that makes me even more proud.

The book is written by Sune Rasborg, translated to english by the sisters Maria & Christina Terry, edited by Sunes dad in law, photographed by me, and the layout by my lovely soulmate Malene Sommer. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it..