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Full service production company with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, which produce photography and film for the Asia Pacific region.

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Anders Beier

Anders Beier

Commercial Photographer

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I work with AD-agencies and customers directly, worldwide. People ask me, why I’m based on such a remote island. My answer is: “I find creative thoughts, and find unique locations for many photoshoots. There is no other place in Denmark where you will find beaches, rocks, waterfalls, forests, lakes, and rural living on such a compact location.” I am 42 years old, live on Bornholm with my lovely girlfriend Malene Sommer, our 3 children and a dog. I was raised on Bornholm.
Thereafter, I attended the commercial photography school in Copenhagen. Various customers in Copenhagen such as DR – danish television, KODA, Gramex, Aller Magazines, Egmont Magazines, LOREAL, Lysmesteren, Bilka, Salling and more. Then, I had a year in the United States, working as a photographer, before I turned back home to my favorite place: Bornholm. Today I work with companies around the world, trying to find unique imagery for specific brands.
My pictures have been seen in magazines, such as Gastro, CondeNast – and commercial jobs for companies such as Arla, Qdo, Svankebryg, Orkla. Ive done 2 books on foodculture that have won international prize for best photography, and a selfpublished magazine called visualbornholm. Have a look at my portfolio – hope you like what you see and would love to hear from you, so dont hesitate to contact Anders Beier..

Anders Beier Photography · Østergade 76 · 3700 Rønne · Denmark

Phone +45 25 38 00 95          Skype ID : andersbeierphotography