Anders Beier, world award winning food photographer featured in UK magazine “ROOT+BONE”

Really proud food photographer from Bornholm

Just want to keep you a little updated. While working on big future projects – I’ll have to keep you in the dark for a couple of months on that – Sune Rasborg and I just got featured in the UK magazine ROOT+BONE. Really high end and underground subculture foodmagazine based in London. They love the Book – Bornholm – Baltic Beasts, Bohos, and Beauty. Get your copy here.

The food photography team

the process

Sune Rasborg and Anders Beier have a unique way of working together. They first discuss the picture, what is the meaning and the purpose. Then they look at color, composition and other technical issues. Then finding probs, and background to support the story or the feel. Prepping the food and lighting the scene. The detail work is important, and does take time..The picture is then taken – and time for play – adding different elements to enhance the scene or the story. Then cleaning up and editing photos.. So all in all the process is long but the collaboration is so deep that in that time you can get really standout pictures in less time than most photographers tend to use.


For some reason Bornholm is just new and fresh, and really something else. A lot of us who lives on “jævla blossholmen” as my uncle from SWEDEN would express it, meaning devilish blowing top . – we know, it is something else. New and fresh ? well, maybe the rest of the world just hasn’t noticed us before – but one thing is for sure – I just love it here, and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But recently the island have been in focus because of the food culture, and many entrepreneurs have been doing excellent work trying out old traditions and mix it with modern technics to make unique produce. And the fact that Michelin stared restaurant Kadeau is pushing nordic food to the masses.