TORVEHAL BORNHOLM for the Foodlover

An old Slaughter house in Rønne is the place for new and old produce of Bornholm. The Slaughter house is a fine setting for all the small produce such as : Stigs Oliven, Hallegård, Ostehjørnet, Svaneke Chokolade, Nord snaps by Rie Uldal, and many more. Enjoy a cup of coffee, or local beer while shopping for tonights dinner, with fresh meat, vegatables, olives, cheese and all the other great foods produced on the small island. Bornholm has certainly made it there trademark for the gourmet people, and a frontier in the danish gastronomi. Hope you find time to visit this lovely place full of atmosphere, and local talk.

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I had the chance to make the advertising pictures for Torvehal Bornholm hope you like them!