Anders Beier is a commercial still life, beverage and food photographer.  His images are simplistic, graphic and textural. They have a genuine pureness which allow the viewer to almost taste and feel the subject. Anders Nordic/Scandinavian background and connection to the earth is shown in the color pallets used. His work can be seen in advertising campaigns to cookbooks and editorial stories.

Anders Beier

Commercial Photographer

Anders Beier has a long list of clients and many years of experience. Anders Beier took his 4 years of photography school in Copenhagen. The school in Denmark is 1/2 time following a photographer and 1/2 time in school. Anders Beier has a background in product photography especially with cosmetics and cars. So attention to details and lighting is the backbone of his business.

Anders Beier grew up with Sinar 4 x 5 largeformat cameras, and using film, but half way through his education the industry shifted and Photoshop 1.0 was really new. Evolvement in the camera industry has been enormous, and Anders is always following up on new trends and play along with learning.

At the moment Anders Beier uses equipment like Hasselblad, profoto, eizo, nikon, adobe, apple, all to ensure the best quality.

Anders Beier is also the founder of LocationBornholm – aiding companies to use the unique island Bornholm as a location for filmmaking, campaigns and more, Mindgap local advertising agency, and Njord –  first sustainable food photocompetition in the world.