Location Bornholm is your portal to an abundance of locations perfect for your photo shoot, all within a half-hour’s journey on this beautiful Danish island in the Baltic Sea. Here you’ll find rocks, forests, beaches, historical buildings, lakes, and all sorts of truly magnificent nature.


Rocks, historical buildings, ruins, beaches, forrests, lakes, pines, and a magnificent coastline. The island is so diverse , the only thing that isn’t here is the metropolis


Artists around the world know the importance of light, and on an island the water reflects all around the island to give the vivid and special light Bornholm is so known for. The rocks keep the warmth for a longer summer period, and Bornholm is known for 10 % more sunshine hours than the rest of Scandinavia.


The studio, located on the Danish island of Bornholm, is an old electrical engine factory that has been rebuilt. With several levels of varying heights and lighting conditions, it is the perfect place for all types of photography.



For people in need of the expertise in location scouting on what I call my second Studio, the Island of Bornholm itself. Please visit www.locationbornholm.com

Take a look at the unique locations on the island of Bornholm. Within a few kilometers you can find beaches, forests, ruins, old buildings, rock formations, raw nature, and much more. Perfect, should your next campaign be shot on a fantastic location. We have some great deals for campaign shooting. Use the island as your setting, and we will pay for transportation and stay.

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For all the tech nerds, I use high quality products to ensure the best images.

Hasselblad, Apple, Eizo, , Nikon Z7, Nikon D800E, Profoto lighting equipment, Epson large-format printer, DJI mavickPro2-hasselblad.