Worlds best Gourmand cookbook award

Anders Beier – foodphotographer, and Sune Rasborg – foodstylist, chef and author made this Book on the local produce and restaurants on Bornholm. Last year they won 3rd in the world for best photography, but this year they elevated to “special award of the jury”

This is the official statement from the founder of Gourmand cookbook award – Eduard Cointreau – and if you think you hav heard the name before, YES that is the Cointreau you probably have been drinking in your teenage years. The Cointreau family have been really active in the gourmand world, and one of the biggest achievement’s is probably the chefs school Le Cordon bleu and Gourmand cookbook awards besides the entire liquor family from Cointreau

Edouard Cointreau

worlds best gourmand cookbook award

“This is a beautiful effort to help the local food culture and image. The same team won an award last year. There can be only one special award a year for each country, so it is very important. “
Edouard Cointreau, President of the Jury – Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Thankyou for the support and for making this dream come true. We would like to thank Malene Sommer ( for design, layout, and support, PhaseOne for lending us a  bomb of a camera Terry sisters for translation, Henrik Grove for proof reading, William Dams for local support and marketing, Destination Bornholm, all the backers at Boomerang, ALL the participants in the book, and to our families for understanding and help, to make this projekt come to life. So if you haven’t bought the book yet do it here for danish version or here for english.

Hope we made you proud Bornholm !

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