For the second year, Anders Beier is delivering all the images for Visual Bornholm No.2, in the magazine Visual Bornholm 2020. Mindgap the local advertising agency on Bornholm have done the layout. This time the magazine was distributed along with Mad&Bolig from Aller – 8000 copies. The rest of the 50.000 copies was delivered to several stores throughout the island of Bornholm, and the Bornholmslinjen and the airport. Its been a pleasure working with all of the advertisers, and the magazine have been flying out, so many people have seen it and used it as a guide while staying on Bornholm. If you would like to see the magazine, please visit this link.

This years advertisers are as follow

Bolcheriet Svaneke, Guldsmed Knapstad, Nordbornholms røgeri, Nørresand Gudhjem, Grønbechgård, Wild distillery, Helene Duffau, Grønbechs Hotel, Kjærstrup, Madam Stoltz, Rasborg & Paulsen keramik, Restaurant Brøddan, Klodekær, Melsted Badehotel, Kalas, Broe & co, Naturbornholm, worldcraftregion, Svaneke Bryghus Restaurant, Hotel Friheden, Sandvig Minigolf, Fru Petersens cafe, Mollys, Svend Holst Pedersen, Bornholms Ismejeri, Brillehuzet, Stammershalle Badehotel, Hasle Røgeri, Nord Snaps, Malene Sommer

Anders Beier, works close with the advertiser to stay on Brand for all the customers. Planning the photoshoot, and finding the right pictures are so essential for the magazine. Probably this is why the magazine is so popular with both readers and advertisers. Anders goes all in to get unique angels and unique pictures, that includes getting into the water in december in a wetsuit with holes in the sock, using his daughters inflatable ice cream pool toy to bring his equipment safely into the cave surrounded by water, in february. Using his drone DJI mavick Pro 2 to see the island from another angel. Anders is constantly looking for new ways to express moods and is pushing new technology and methods to merge the best of photography and art, to the benefit for advertisers and readers of the magazine – Visual Bornholm No.2 – enjoy !!