Visual Bornholm

is a magazine delivered for free, for tourists visiting Bornholm, a 50.000 copies print run, with featured articles, pictures from the island and adds in a beautiful layout, made by MindGap. The Magazine has a website to it, and the advertisers and receiving people were astonished to se the island in a new perspective and each advertiser was given a double spread so the experience is pleasing, and not pushy. If you dont have it in the printed version you could see it here.

Anders Beier Photography, Bornholm.

Anders Beier has been the main photographer on the magazine, in fact, every photo seen in the magazine is his, with the exception of two pictures. Working that deep with a magazine surely have some disadvantages but for the most part mostly advantages. You can clearly see the style, and cohesiveness of the magazine brand. There is no limitations and gives Anders Beier full control, so if its a landscape picture or a product, surely its Anders’s style. Clean, graphic, raw and nordic, an a touch of human interaction. On the island of Bornholm Anders Beier is a well known photographer. He is the goto photographer when there is branding and commercial thinking behind pictures. He is a lighting expert on location as well as in studio. Anders understand the value of correct branding and imagery to follow.

Visual Bornholm

In 2020 Visual Bornholm will be available at Bornholmlinjen, airport, and will be delivered with the magazine Mad & Bolig, in 8000 copies, and total amount of 50.000 copies. Of course the magazine will also be available around the island Bornholm at the turist informations and selected companies.  

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Take a look at the youtube highlights of MindGaps work 2019 and let Anders explain. Its in danish, just so you know 🙂